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Multichannel Service

Discover all the possibilities of a new background music system for environments with freedom to set your advertising.



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Commercial sites


Fashion shops and restaurants find in our services the perfect partner to achieve the three primary goals: to have a pleasant musical environment, comply with legal obligations to the copyrights associations and significant cost reduction.

Shopping Centers & Offices


The malls are alive thanks to the success around a single goal: that customers enjoy a happy experience with them.
As is logical, as studies indicate about the music and especially a careful selection of music is essential to achieve this.

Hotels & Restaurants


We offer a 100% scalable technology, so that allows you to maximize the investment.
From a large hotel chain to a small and cozy hotel may have one music environment saving costs.

The company

Diseño Musical began in 2006 with the responsibility to provide an independent and professional response to sound spaces in a smart way. Determine needs, design solutions and offer the possibility to express your devices to get the most of it is our mission. To do this we rely on the following values​​:

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    Our mission

    Accompany in the way customers buy, eat or rest.

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    Our vision

    Be the reference for music and image for the retail market, industry and the residential markets.

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    Our philosophy

    Soul, science and service to create music and brand aknoledge as a powerful marketing tool.


¿Brand image?


Could be surprisingly, but the music forms one of the mainstays of the image of a brand. With it we can interact in the subconscious of our customers making good sense and with it a happy experience in our business.

Success Stories

"I never imagined it could get much out of a background music system. Motivate the team, schedule tasks and of course:
I get the best music! "

- Fernando Velasco, Visual Store

'I have a virtual music library with over 10,000 songs and the peace of mind that strictly complies with the Copyrights Associations. "

- Rick Miller, Denim Star